Evaluate my company for Excellent SME

  • Evaluation is FREE (with a positive report you have an option of ordering the certificate)
  • Gain access to Excellent SME Market (B2B market with exclusive offers from issuers and certificate holders)
  • Your company is recognised as Trust worthy
  • Lowering the risk of doing business with your company.
  • Install Excellent SME seal on website for increased online trust.
  • Receive all documents of your credit report. (this may vary by country)
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Active verification and monitoring

Image: Active monitoring

Excellent SME companies are monitored 24/7 and in case their status changes the certificate visuals and content is also upaded.

On the spot
certificate verification

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Online you may click on Excellent SME seal. Offline you may use your smartphone to verify companies Excellent SME status.

Exlusive B2B

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Companies with Excellent SME status have access to the marketplace which is for holders only, therefore making it the most reliable B2B market.