Frequently Asked Questions

The main purposes are to increase the market transparency, promote micro, small and medium sized companies, promote safe business and good business practices, which coincide with EU directives for promotion of SMEs towards greater business excellence. The certificate holder gains very precious business credibility. The certificate serves as a reward for business excellence and outstanding business record. It takes care for additional exposure of excellent companies and eases the access to new business partners and customers.

The main objective is increase in business safety and trust. It helps in easier and faster business decision making with less risk for business partners and customers.

The certificate is issued on the basis of credit report, score and monitoring by Coface and SafeSigned™ technology, which prevents the certificates from being copied from the originating website.

The criteria is set by the corresponding issuer itself on the basis of the credit report, which is constantly being monitored through corresponding credit reporting house. You can check all the issuers and their contact data here.

Your partners and customers can easily check if you’re doing well as a company and instantly eliminate the doubt about the performance and credibility of the company. They can quickly proceed to the evaluation of your products or services. At the same time properly installed seal is protected against being copied and adds a layer of protection to your website against phishing and copycat attacks and you are notified within 24h, if any should occur.

You will additionally strengthen your brand and support your actions and arguments with proof of success.

SafeSigned technology incorporates protection of certificate, proactive phishing and (optionally) pharming protection and monitoring of the website. Certificate cannot be falsified and the technology is proactive, which means, that the owner of the properly installed certificate will be informed about any attempts of misuse of protected certificate (phishing, pharming). Owner of the protected certificate is also notified about events like “website down”, “website very slow”,cetc. SafeSigned technology has been awarded many times and it uses two patented methods for website protection.

The website is handled by the company that owns it. It only contains additional SafeSigned supported website seal with the corresponding certificate.

A credit assessment evaluates the credit worthiness of a debtor, especially a business (company) or a government. It is an evaluation made by a credit reporting house of the debtor’s ability to pay back the debt and the likelihood of default. Credit assessment can also reflect the company’s trustworthiness. (Source: Wiki)

The invitation you received was based on 2 generic criterias – above average Coface credit assessment score of 6 or more and the size of your company, which is classified as an SME with yearly income between 25.000 and 50 mio EUR. After we have received your verification order another credit report of your company is checked. It also includes the payment morale in business risk, involved in doing business with your company. Also the initial 2 criterias are checked again. If you don’t pass the evaluation process, you don’t pay anything. The evaluation process is in such case completely free of charge.

Yearly Excellent SME certificate costs cover IT costs, costs of credit reports and costs connected with countinous monitoring of company’s financial data throughout the year. Continous monitoring ensures that only those companies, that continously meet the set requirements, show the Excellent SME certificate.

In many cases your existing and potential business partners check your credit assessment. But it takes time and costs money. They check your current business state and ensure safer trade with you by doing this. Customers as individuals are often not familiar with the possibility of doing such checks and / or are not willing to pay extra money for credit assessment information. You can gain credibility and trust in them with Excellent SME certificate, which should ease the decision to do business with you.

Besides offering the ability to check the certificate owner’s identity all website seals using SafeSigned technology offer:

  • proactive phishing and copycat protection of the certificate
  • 24 / 7 website accessibility monitoring
  • incorporate Personalized Cross-Signed Certificate technology; Your personal signature appears on every single identity seal on any website using SafeSigned technology. When you see your personal signature you are safe. Read more.

Only credible institutions (for example local Chambers of Commerce) and credible credit reporting houses are taking part in Excellent SME project. Credibilitywise it is uncomparable to similar products on the market. Excellent SME certificates are using SafeSigned™ technology, which prevents them from being copied to another website (in other words – stolen). Issued certificates mark excellent companies with great accuracy and promptness.

Reference list for Excellent SME holders is available here. Local reference lists are available on separate issuer websites and are continously updated. Security solutions, based on SafeSigned technology, are also used by other internet trust-mark providers.

Yes. 75.000 phishing (fake) websites are created weekly and identity misuse is a serious problem on global level.