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Issuer: Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (established in 1895) is an independent, non-governmental organization for assistance, promotion, representation and protection of the business interests of its members, which contributes to the development of international economic cooperation and provides assistance for the European and international integration of the Republic of Bulgaria. The activity of the Chamber is based on the principles of voluntary membership, autonomy and self-financing. BCCI seeks to establish straightforward and ethical relations among the business circles.

Credit report data provider: Coface Bulgaria

COFACE is a globally operating credit insurer, offering companies solutions to protect them against the risk of financial default of their clients, both on the domestic market and for export. Coface Bulgaria is a local branch, offering a complete range of services. They include everything from client identification to complete credit report and claim management. This type of modular approach allows them to perfectly adapt the services to clients’ needs. Such services allow clients to focus their attention to their fundamental business.

The certification

The main purpose of the certificate, coinciding with EU directives is to promote successful small and medium companies, secure and safe business, good business practices and to increase market transparency. Additionally it will help customers and business partners to decrease financial and other risks when concluding business agreements.

The certificate enables local and international business partners to verify company’s existence, proper web address, and most importantly creditworthiness.

The basis for the certification is a credit report and daily monitoring from COFACE Bulgaria. Concurrently the SafeSigned™ website technology prevents the «Excellent SME Bulgaria« quality seal to be copied and used on any other website.

By installing and using the certificate potential and existing partners can differentiate between successful and less successful companies in the cyber world.


Classic seal shape: can be positioned anywhere on the recipient website.

image: classic certified
image: classic protected

Rectangle seal shape: is always positioned in the bottom right corrner of the browser.

image: floating certified
image: floating protected

NOTE: If the company loses the right to display Excellent SME Certificate then the "Verified by BCCI" seals are displayed. The company is no longer an Excellent SME but the website is still verified and secure (phishing & copy-cat protected).

Requirements for Excellent SME Bulgaria

The Excellent SME certificate is issued, when and if the company meets the requested criteria. The first requirement is yearly turnover of at least 25.000 EUR and has to satisfy other local criteria for a SME classification. Additionally the company has to achieve a Coface assessment score of at least 6 to qualify for an Excellent SME certificate. Assessment score results from company’s business financial analysis, which takes into account also the payment morale evaluation and future business risk with an insolvency probability estimate for the period of the next 12 months. Constant monitoring provides the credibility in domestic and foreign business environment. The certificate validity is 1 year and depends also on the constant financial data monitoring, provided by Coface. The certificate is downgraded if assessment score falls below 6.

The certificate validity is 1 year and depends also on the constant financial data monitoring, provided by Coface. The certificate is revoked if assessment score falls below 6.


Yearly usage costs of Excellent SME Bulgaria certificates amount to 297 EUR + VAT for the first website. Members of Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry are entitled to a discount. Costs for certification of every additional website owned by the same company amount to 60 EUR + VAT.

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COFACE BulgariaCredit report house

Company Evaluation

By filling the form COFACE is able to create a credit report with provided information. In case of positive assessment, which is score of 6 or more, we will send an order form and by filling it you are able to receive Excellent SME certification. In case of a negative assessment we will inform you and you may perches the report for 35€. The process of evaluation is FREE.