About the project: Three pillars of trust

image: Three pillars of trust

Chamber of Commerce

The main role of the Chamber of Commerce is the trustworthiness of organization as everybody, companies and Internet users, are familiar with them. Chambers of Commerce encourage companies to gain higher credit report scores in order to become an Excellent SME and pushing companies into better payment discipline.

Data provider

Coface as a reliable data provider, which provide credit reports, monitor the company’s business behavior all year round from the moment the certificate is issued. In case a company would lose the required (assessment) score, the seal/certificate is removed from their web page immediately since the technology enables total control over the appearance of seals/certificates.

Technology provider

SafeSigned innovative technology helps fighting cybercrime with consumer protection, personal data protection, identity protection, antiphishing and for more demanding companies – DNS redirection attacks protection of their websites.

It's a of IT security, reliable data and reliable issuer.

The benefits


  • Increase of market transparency,
  • Promotion of good business practices,
  • Safer and more secure business,
  • Compliance with EU directives to promote successful small and medium companies.


  • Trust,
  • Reduction of financial and other risks,
  • Creditworthiness,
  • Verification of company's registration status and its proper web address.


  • Visibility
  • Credibility
  • Greater local and international business opportunities
  • Web page security (protection against phishing attacks and copy-cat attacks)
image: Excellent sme seal

The Excellent SME seal/certificate on companies website shows a .

Excellent SME Market

Market where Buyers and Sellers are verified. It is exclusive to companies which are entitled for good standing Excelletn SME certificate. The place where companies may find and connect with creditworthy and reliable business partners at home and abroad, lowering the risk of doing business.

image: Market Crowd